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Sabka Malik Ek- Giant Theatre

The giant theatre features a cinema screen of size 36 feet by 72 feet. A specially made hour-long film based on the life of Sai will be presented here multiple times every day to suit your time. The theatrical experience will be one of the finest that moviegoers have experienced in any of the best theatres across India.

Introducing Sabka Malik Ek – A Journey Through SaiBaba’s Life

  • Embark on an exceptional cinematic experience as we present ‘Sabka Malik Ek’. This grand movie, showcased in our amazing theater, narrates the inspiring life story of SaiBaba, spanning from his childhood to his Samadhi.
  • The movie commences with SaiBaba’s birth in a small Indian village, revealing his unique divine qualities that manifested from a tender age. As he grew older, Baba emerged as a revered saint and an enlightening teacher. Witness his wholesome impact on countless lives and the miracles he performed along the way.
  • In 1918, SaiBaba attained Samadhi, yet his influence reverberates to this day, impacting the minds and hearts of millions worldwide. ‘Sabka Malik Ek’ beautifully pays tribute to his life and his profound work.

The movie showcases several miracles, including:

  • The Miraculous Horse Retrieval:
  • Chand Bhai, a wealthy merchant from Shirdi, lost his horse. Overwhelmed, he encountered a fakir in Dwarkamai. With compassion, the fakir promised to help and guided Chand Bhai to find his horse near the river. Grateful, Chand Bhai offered a reward, which the fakir gracefully declined.
  • Illuminating Diwali with Water:
  • On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, SaiBaba desired to light lamps in Dwarkamai. However, lacking oil, he turned to the shopkeepers who refused to assist. Undeterred, Baba filled a pot with water from the river and miraculously lit the lamps with it, leaving the people of Shirdi astonished and recognizing his extraordinary powers.
  • These extraordinary events are just glimpses of the miracles SaiBaba performed throughout his lifetime. His benevolence and compassion knew no bounds, earning him adoration from devotees worldwide.

Join us at to delve deeper into the captivating miracles portrayed in the movie and witness the remarkable life journey of Sai Baba.