Saiteerth Shirdi

Welcome to SaiTeerth, India's first devotional theme park!
Here's what you must do at SaiTeerth!

Top-notch robotics show that shows the Sai Baba in live form in the setting of actual Dwarkamai from the last century.
Witness the grand Lanka Dahan by Bhagwan Hanuman in 5D! This show is bound to have you hooked!
Watch the movie of Sai Baba and his journey on large screen. The stunning experience is enough to get lost in Sai bhakti!
The Teerth Yatra of 10 of India’s most spectacular temples at one go! This journey will leave you surprised.
Here’s the latest addition to SaiTeerth,  a magnum opus, India’s largest Saibaba Mosaic made with 4,212 Rubik’s Cubes awarded by India Book of Records. Visit SaiTeerth with your loved ones and feel devotion like never before.

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